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Can you name the the following facts about the city of Paris?

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Number of Arrondissement/Districts
City Hall
Beltway/Ring Road
Most famous street
Park located on the western edge of Paris
Park located on the eastern edge of Paris
Number of Metro Lines
Cathedral of the Catholic Archdiocese of Paris
Built to house Louis IX's collection of relics
Originally a royal palace, now a famous museum
Basilica located at the summit of Montmartre
Largest cemetery
Nicknamed La Dame de Fer (Iron Lady)
River that flows through Paris
Number of bridges crossing this river
Garden of Catherine de Medicis
Garden of Marie de Medicis
Housed in a former grand railway station
Napoleon's Tomb is found here
Charles Zidler's Cabaret
Stands in the center of Place Charles de Gaulle
Natural island in the Seine river in Paris
The other natural island
Known for it's student life & lively atmosphere

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