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Can you name the Movies that won the Best Editing Academy Award?

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1934+W.S. Van Dyke
1935Max Reinhardt, William Dieterle
1936Mervyn Le Roy
1937Frank Capra
1938Michael Curtiz, William Keighley
1939*Victor Fleming
1940+Cecil B. De Mille
1941Howard Hawks
1942Sam Wood
1943+Howard Hawks
1944Henry King
1945+Clarence Brown
1946*William Wyler
1947+Robert Rossen
1948+Jules Dassin
1949+Mark Robson
1950Compton Bennett, Andrew Marton
1951George Stevens
1952Fred Zinnemann
1953*Fred Zinnemann
1954*Elia Kazan
1955Joshua Logan
1956*Michael Anderson
1957*David Lean
1958*Vincente Minnelli
1959*William Wyler
1960*Billy Wilder
1961*Robert Wise; Jerome Robbins
1962*David Lean
1963Henry Hathaway, John Ford, George Marshall
1964Robert Stevenson
1965*Robert Wise
1966+John Frankenheimer
1967*Norman Jewison
1968+Peter Yates
1970*Franklin J. Schaffner
1971*William Friedkin
1972Bob Fosse
1973*George Roy Hill
1974John Guillermin
1975Steven Spielberg
1976*John G. Avildsen
1977George Lucas
1978*Michael Cimino
1979Bob Fosse
1980Martin Scorsese
1981Steven Spielberg
1982*Richard Attenborough
1983Philip Kaufman
1984Roland Joffé
1985Peter Weir
1986*Oliver Stone
1987*Bernardo Bertolucci
1988+Robert Zemeckis
1989Oliver Stone
1990*Kevin Costner
1991Oliver Stone
1992*Clint Eastwood
1993*Steven Spielberg
1994*Robert Zemeckis
1995Ron Howard
1996*Anthony Minghella
1997*James Cameron
1998Steven Spielberg
1999+Andy & Larry Wachowski
2000Steven Soderbergh
2001+Ridley Scott
2002*Rob Marshall
2003*Peter Jackson
2004Martin Scorsese
2005*Paul Haggis
2006*Martin Scorsese
2007+Paul Greengrass
2008*Danny Boyle
2009*Kathryn Bigelow

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