50 Funniest Women Alive!

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Can you name the 50 funniest women alive according to People Magazine?

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TV Sictom Star (hour long)
TV Sitcom Star (11 seasons as the worst wife & mother)
TV Sictom Star (tween)
Stand-up Comedian/TV Talkshow Co-Host
TV Drama/Comedy Star (hour long)
Stand-up Comedian/Latenight TV Talkshow Host
Stand-up Comedian/TV Talkshow Host (Rosie's replacement)
Film Actress ('Best In Show')
TV Sitcom Star (cable)/Movie Director
TV Sitcom ('227')& Film Actress ('Jerry Maguire')
Film Actress/Oscar Nominee ('Fearless')
TV & Film Actress/TV Writer ('SNL')
TV Drama Star ('Grey's Anatomy')
Film Actress/Oscar Winner 1977
TV Sitcom Star/Bradley Whitford Ex
Film Actress/JT's Ex
TV Sitcom Star/Film Actress ('Mannequin')
TV Sitcom Star ('My Name is Earl')
TV Variety Show Star/Singer ('They Don't Know About Us')
Film Actress ('Working Girl')/Sister of John
Film Actress/Oscar Winner 2000
Film Actress/Christopher Guest Favorite
TV Sitcom Star/aka 'Nanny'
TV Sitcom Star ('Everybody Loves Raymond')
Stand-up Comedian/TV Sitcom Star ('Larry Sanders Show')
Film Actress/Oscar Winner 1969
TV Sitcom Star/Film Actress ('The Wedding Date')
Stand Up Comedian/TV Sitcom Star (It's a 'Program')
TV Sitcom Star ('Fat Actress')
Film Actress/Last in Acting Dynasty
Film Actress (Indie Movie Queen)
Film Actress/Singer/Divine
Film Actress/TV Sitcom Star/Former Rapper
Stand-up Comedian/TV Reality Star/Best Selling Author
TV Sitcom Star/Jack's Hag
Film Actress (at 45 2009=Her Best Year Ever)
TV Sitcom Star/Film Actress ('The Family Stone')
Stand-up Comedian/Plastic Surgery Icon
Film Actress/Oscar Winner 2005
TV Sitcom Star/Film Actress/US Magazine Regular
Talk Show Host/TV Sitcom Star/Possible 2009 Oscar Nominee???
TV Sitcom Star/Film Actress ('Wonderland')
Stand-up Comedian/Grammy Winner/Oscar Nominee 1975
TV Sitcom Star & Talkshow Host/Domestic Goddess
TV Daytime Talkshow Co-Host/Soap Opera Star
TV Talkshow Host than Co-Host/Film Actress/Broadway Producer
TV Sitcom Star/Married to Brad Davis
TV Sketch Comedy Legend (ear tug)
TV Daytime Talkshow Co-Host/Oscar Winner 1990
TV Daytime Talkshow Host/Amateur Dancer

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