33 Doctors of the Church

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Feast Day (Years)SaintLanguage/Vocation(Order)
May 2nd (c.297-373)Greek/Bishop
June 9th (c.306-c.373)Syriac/Monk
January 13th (c.315-c.368)Latin/Bishop
March 18th (c.315-c.386)Greek/Bishop
January 2nd (c.329-379)Greek/Bishop
January 2nd (c.329-c.389)Greek/Bishop
December 7th (c.340-397)Latin/Bishop
September 30th (c.342-c.420)Latin/Monk
September 13th (c.347-407)Greek/Bishop
August 28th (354-430)Latin/Bishop
June 27th (c.376-444)Greek/Bishop
November 10th (c.400-461)Latin/Pope
July 30th (c.406-c.450)Latin/Bishop
September 3rd (c.540-604)Latin/Pope
April 4th (c.560-636)Latin/Bishop
May 25th (c.673-735)Latin/Monk
Decmber 4th (c.676-c.749)Greek/Monk
Feast Day (Years)SaintLanguage/Vocation(Order)
February 21st (c.1007-1072)Latin/Bishop
April 21st (1033-1109)Latin/Bishop
August 20th (c.1090-1153)Latin/Monk
June 13th (1195-1231)Latin/O.F.M.
November 15th (c.1206-1280)Latin/O.P.
July 15th (c.1221-1274)Latin/O.F.M.
January 28th (c.1225-1274)Latin/O.P.
April 29th (1347-1380)Latin/O.P.
October 15th (1515-1582)Spanish/O.C.D.
December 21st (1521-1597)German/S.J.
December 14th (1542-1591)Spanish/O.C.D
September 17th (1542-1597)Italian/S.J.
July 21st (1559-1619)Italian/O.F.M.Cap.
January 24th (1567-1622)French/S.C.
August 1st (1696-1787)Italian/C.SS.R.
October 1st (1873-1897)French/O.C.D.

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