UK Foursomes

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Can you name the UK Foursomes and Top 4s?

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Top 4 Cities by Population
Top 4 Universities (The Times)
Great Offices of State
Countries of the UK
Top 4 Airports (Passenger Traffic)
Last 4 Prime Ministers
Top 4 Religions
Top 4 Largest Stadiums
4 Capitals of the UK
The Patron Saints
Top 4 TV Channels By Viewer Share
4 Largest Companies
Top 4 Political Parties (2010 Votes)
Largest Cem Counties by Area
Teams to win the Premier League
British Monarch Houses/Dynasty (Family Names)
Highest Peak in each UK Country
Top 4 Longest Rivers
Top 4 English Islands By Population
Daily Newspapers By Readership
Top 4 English Football Leagues

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