Mean Girls and 'Friends'

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Can you name the Mean Girls character from their description?

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Can't wear platinum hoop earrings
Saw Cady Herron wear army pants and flip-flops, so she wore army pants and flip-flops
Doesn't hate you because you're fat. You're fat because she hates you.
She does car Japan.
Made out with a hot dog.
Made to eat Kalteen bars when he wants to move up a weight class.
Is a grotsky little biatch.
She also made out with Coach Carr.
Is a mouse. Duh!
Was asked how to spell 'orange'.
The only guy that calls her house is Randy from Chase Visa.
Made love to your woman on the bathroom floor.
Smells like a baby prostitute.
Wears a wig made from your mom's chest hair.
Seen canoodling with Regina at Chris Eisner's Halloween party.

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