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Tall, Dark, And FunnyA
Follow My Ass; America's ReadyA
Issue Were Here; Live; Balls; LYAOA
Jack And CokeA
Intimate Moments For A Sensual EveningA
Emotionally Unavailable; Why Do I Do This?; Let It GoB
Here's Your Sign; Dorkfish; Here's Your Christmas Album; Now That's Awesome; Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography; Here's Your Sign Reloaded; A Decade Of Laughs; 15 Degrees Off Cool; AgedB
Dangerous; Relentless; Arizona Bay; Rant In E-Minor; Philosophy; Love, Laughter, And Truth; Flying Saucer Tour, Vol. 1; Shock And Awe; SalvationB
Bo Fo Sho; __________; ___________: Words, Words, WordsB
Live; I Walked On The Moon; Standing Up; The Epitome Of HyperboleB
Screaming From The CosmosC
Born Suspect; Roll With The New; Bigger & Blacker; Never ScaredC
The Problem Is YouC
A Wee Bit O' RevolutionC
Revenge Is Near; Crazy With A Capital FD
Harmful If Swallowed; Retaliation; Rough Around The Edges: Live From Madison Square Garden; Isolated Incident; Vicious CircleD
True Storie I Made Up; Completely SeriousD
Subject To ChangeD
You Touch, You Buy; _________: LiveD
Insomniac Tour; Skanks For The Memories....; Hey! Your Mouth's Not Pregnant!; Captain MiserableD
Killin' Them Softly; For What It's WorthD
These Are Jokes; ____________. Person.D
Monster; What It IsD
Hot And Fluffy; I'm Not Fat... I'm FluffyG
An Uncensored Evening; Mad As Hell/Two Real; Totally New; Stuck In The Sixties; The Maddest; Melon Crazy; Over Your Head; The Bookkeeper; Overboard; We Need A Hero; Smashing CheeseG
Conversations With Inanimate Objects; Boyish ManG
Burns And _______ At The Playboy Club Tonight; Take-Offs And Put-Ons; FM & AM; Class Clown; Occupation: Foole; Toledo Window Box; An Evening With Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo;G
No Reading AheadG
Lazyboy TV; Good Day To Cross A River; Midlife VicesG
What's That Clickin' Noise?H
Arguing With Myself; Spark Of Insanity; Very Special Christmas SpecialJ
You Might Be A Redneck If...; Games Rednecks Play; Totally Committed; Big Funny; Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or NeuteredJ
Young And HandsomeJ
I'm Telling You For The Last TimeJ
Luigi's Doghouse; Economics II; More Moo Moos; The Last Supper; Doing My Time; Beyond The Pale; King BabyJ
I'm Gonna Be Dead Someday; Live From The Belly Of The Beast; Live; Shiny Happy Jihad; Talking Monkeys In SpaceJ
Don't Make Him AngryJ
Meet CapJ
Good Kid, Bad Adult; The Better Half; Kid With A Cape; Middle-Class FunnyJ
Metro JethroJ
7 More Days In The TankJ
Live; Shallow Happy Thoughts For The Soul; In Other WordsK
Sweat The Small StuffK
Wait Your Turn; One Dimple; Weider, Blacker, DimplerK
Death Of A PartyK
Lord, I Apologize; The Right To Bare Arms; Morning Constitutions; On The Can; Tailgate PartyL
The White Album; The End Of The Universe; Rules Of Enragement; Luther Burbank Performing Arts Center Blues; The Carnegie Hall Performance; Stark Raving Black; Black On Broadway; ReL
Comedy Half Hour; Live In Houston; One Night Stand; Shameless; Chewed Up; HilariousL
Second To NoneM
Come CleanM
I Am A Wonderful ManM
Dog Years; Invite Them Up; Two Drink Mike; My Secret Public Journal Live; What I Should Have Said Is NothingM
___________ Is MagicalM
Strategic Grill Locations; Mitch All Together; Do You Believe In Gosh?M
Vegan Mind MeldM
Party; Seriously, Who Farted?N
222 (Live & Uncut); Feelin' Kind Of Patton; No Reason To Complain; Werewolves And Lollipops; My Weakness Is Strong!P
Girth Of A Nation; Prime Cut; Austin-TatiousR
__________; Craps; That ******'s Crazy; ....Is It Something I Said?; Bicentennial ******; Wanted: Live In Concert; ____________: Live On The Sunset Strip; Here And NowR
I'm Killing Here, VosR
Just The TipR
Tater Salad aka. Busted In Des Moines; Drunk In Public; You Can't Fix Stupid; Behavioral ProblemsR
__________ Live!; I Am A Human ManS
Sex, Drugs, And PoliticsS
Let's Get Small; A Wild And Crazy Guy; Comedy Is Not Pretty!; The ______________ BrothersS
Vintage ________ And Other Crap; Comedy Death-Ray; Thin PigT
Sick And Tired; I'ma Be MeW
Live At The Purple OnionZ

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