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Can you name the 100 Best Stand-Up Comedians according to Channel 4?

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1BC; Cop Yer Whack For This
2RP; Live On The Sunset Strip
3RG; Fame
4BH; Rant In E-Minor
5EI; Definite Article
6PK; Live At The Top Of The Tower
7BB; Tinselworm
8CR; Born Suspect
9MM; Hello Wembley
10VM; As Seen On TV
11RN; Sonic Waffle
12SL; What Would Judas Do?
13JC; Telling Jokes
14DM; What It Is
15WA: Standup Comic
16DO; This Is The Show
17LE; Live At Her Majesty's Theatre
18HH; First Class Scamp - Live
19SL; Lockipedia Love
20TC; Cooper's Half Hour
21LM; Going Out Live
22RB; Scandalous - Live At The O2
23DK; Lover, Thinker, Artist, And Prophet
24LD; A Clown Too Many
25AM; Barrell Of Fun - Live
26JD; Live At The Duke Of York's Theatre
27AC; Tooth Fairy LIVE
28GC; Class Clown
29FB; If I Could Reach Out Through Your TV And Strangle You I Would
30JB; Barely Live
31RW; Throbbing Python Of Love
32TT; Bovinity
33JS; Godshite
34OD; No Agenda: Live At The London Palladium
35RH; Live 2
36TV; Punslinger Live
37JC; Peeled Carrott
38BE; Get A Grip
39RDH; Live
40EM; Delirious
41EB; Pedantic And Whimsical
42RG; Who's Eaten Gilbert's Grap
43AD; Urban Trauma
44TT; Laugh It Off
45FS; Live At The Apollo
46DG; Sit Down, Pedal, Pedal, Stop, And Stand Up
47BH; The Big Broadcast Of 1938
48JV; Who's Ready For Ice Cream?
49RN; Newman And Baddiel In Pieces
50SW; I Have A Pony
51BM; The Wheel Tappers And Shunters Social Club
52CA; Atomicity
53LB; Elect Me, I Am Not A Nut
54PM; And This Is Me
55DA; At Large
56JS; I'm Telling You For The Last Time
57JR; Rabbit Test
58GN; Strictly Dance Fever
59SC; Tristram Shandy
60AK; Man On The Moon
61SM; A Wild And Crazy Guy
62CB; Dirty Weekend In Blackpool
63PJ; Quadrophobia
64BM; The Golden Shot
65JM; Live At The Manchester Apollo
66MT; Serious Organised Criminal
67DM; These Are Jokes
68PO; Lily Savage
69FH; The Ladykillers
70JE; Sit Down Comedy
71DL; No Cure For Cancer
72AS; The Fish People Tapes
73JD; On The Offensive
74BC; I Started Out As A Child
75PK; Get Up, Stand Up
76CM; The Ups And Downs Of A Handyman
77EP; E=MO2
78AO; Val Falvey
79JC; The Mincing Machine Tour
80RC; Casino Royale
81TM; Ready For This?
82BN; The Windmills Are Weakening
83LH; Alive And Kicking
84DS; Overnight Success Tour
85BH; Edna, The Spectacle
86HE; The Scousers
87J; Too Late To Grow Up
88JP; Return Of The Love Monkey
89SH; Round Ireland With A Fridge
90DG; In Living Black And White
91RM; An American Werewolf In London
92KD; Tears
93RB; Roseanne
94AS; Sit-Down Comedy
95JM; The World According To Me!
96LH; Live At The Backyard Comedy Club
97FC; The Wheeltappers And Shunters Social Club
98DB; Monkey Dust
99SK; Quote...Unquote
100FS; The Legend Is Back

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