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Can you name the athletes by the name Chris Berman calls them?

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NicknameAthlete(Initials) Position and Team
___ My Favorite ___(CM) RB for the NYJ
___ Winter ___(BC) TE for the NE Patriots
___ Philadelphia ___(JF) Punter for the Eagles
___ It's Not a ___(AT) WR for the NYG
___ Heres a Story of a Man Named ___(TB) QB for the NE Patriots
___ Brown Paper ___(JB) 1B for the Astros
___ Highway to ___(TH) 1B for the Rockies
___ Flash ___(TG) Pitcher for the Royals
___ The Crime Dog ___(FM) 1B for the Braves
___ Chicken ___(RF) Pitcher for the A's

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