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Submission DescriptionVictorious FighterDefeated Fighter/ Event
Gogoplata (aka ganjaplata)Takanori Gomi/ PRIDE 33 - Second Coming
Standing Rear Naked Choke (a personal favorite)Frank Trigg/ UFC 45 - Revolution
Standing Inverted Triangle Choke (Bellator's most impressive highlight)Jorge Masvidal/ Bellator Fighting Championships 5
Flying Armbar (one of the best examples of this move)Charles Diaz/ Shooto - Devilock Fighters
Spin into Kneebar (done with grace today's fans would not believe he had)Bas Rutten/ Pancrase - Eyes Of Beast 2
Armbar (broken forearm)Tim Sylvia/ UFC 48 - Payback
Omoplata/Rear Naked Choke (which do you try to fight off?)Justin Cruz/ Deep - Cage Impact 2009
Kneebar (dragonball jiu-jitsu was not good enough)Carlos Newton/ PRIDE - 3
Modified Anaconda Choke (apparently not over the hill)Ricardo Almeida/ UFC 117 - Silva vs. Sonnen
Flying Scissor Heel Hook (don't blink)Anderson Silva/ PRIDE - Shockwave 2004
Shoulder Choke (from inside opponents guard)Alex Karalexis/ UFC - Ultimate Fight Night 3
Top Mount Gogoplata (serious flexability)Katsuhiko Nagata / Dream 4 - Middleweight Grand Prix 2008 Quarterfinals
Submission DescriptionVictorious FighterDefeated Fighter/ Event
Standing Kimura (broken arm)Renzo Gracie/ PRIDE 10 - Return of the Warriors
Peruvian Necktie (he can actually do that?)Jesse Taylor/ UFC - Fight Night 14
Flying Triangle (putting the main event to shame, and it was a good main event)Rolando Perez/ WEC 41 - Brown vs. Faber 2
Flying Reverse Triangle Choke (nothing else needs to be said)Isamu Osugi/ Shooto - Vale Tudo Perception
Armbar (after being slammed several times)Bob Sapp/ PRIDE - Shockwave (2002)
Hammerlock (broken arm)Mizuto Hirota/ K-1 - Dynamite!! Power of Courage 2009
Armbar (dislocated elbow)Razak Al-Hassan/ UFC - Fight for the Troops
Triangle Armbar (fall of an emperor)Fedor Emelianenko/ Strikeforce - M-1 Global
Anaconda Choke (held a little too long)David Heath/ UFC 74 - Respect
Kimura (after being suplexed)Kevin Randleman/ PRIDE - Critical Countdown 2004
Triangle Choke (complete with middle fingers and flexing)Kurt Pellegrino/ UFC - Fight Night 13

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