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StateAthlete NameAvg Annual Salary, Position, Team(s)
Alabama$21.3m/yr, Pitcher, San Francisco Giants
Alaska(retired 2009) $13.5m/yr (2005-2007), Pitcher, Boston Red Sox
Arizona$17.0m/yr, Right Field, Los Angeles Dodgers
Arkansas$24.0m/yr, Pitcher, Philadelphia Phillies
California$23.7m/yr, First Base, Detroit Tigers
Colorado$20.0m/yr, Pitcher, Philadelphia Phillies
Connecticut(retired 2003) $13.3m/yr (1999-2004), First Base, Anaheim Angels / New York Mets
Delaware(retired 2011) $4.9m/yr (2008-2012), Pitcher, Pittsburgh Pirates / Seattle Mariners
District of Columbia$17.2m/yr, Small Forward, Oklahoma City Thunder
Florida$19.94m/yr, Guard, New York Knicks
Georgia$16.5m/yr, Wide Reciver, Detroit Lions
Hawaii$12.7m/yr, Center Field, Boston Red Sox
Idaho$10.0m/yr, Tackle, Carolina Panthers
Illinois$18.8m/yr, Guard, Chicago Bulls
Indiana$17.8m/yr, Power Forward, Memphis Grizzlies
Iowa(retired 2010) $11.5m/yr (2010-2011), Quarterback, Arizona Cardinals
Kansas$13.0m/yr, Center Field, New York Yankees (currently with Cleveland Indians)
Kentucky(retired 2005) $16.7m/yr (2001-2006), Shooting Guard, New York Knicks
Louisiana$21.0m/yr, Power Forward, Washington Wizards
Maine(retired 1999) $4.4m/yr (1995-1997), Pitcher, Colorado Rockies
Maryland$22.5m/yr, First Base, New York Yankees
Massachusetts(retired 2006) $16.0m/yr (2002-2007), First Base, Houston Astros
Michigan(retired 2008) $17.5m/yr (2001-2007), Power Forward, Sacramento Kings / Philadelphia 76ers
Minnesota$23.0m/yr, First Base, Minnesota Twins
Mississippi$13.0m/yr, Power Forward, Utah Jazz
Missouri$25.0m/yr, First Base, Philadelphia Phillies
Montana(retired 2002) $7.8m/yr (1998-2001), Quarterback, San Diego Chargers
StateAthlete NameAvg Annual Salary, Position, Team(s)
Nebraska$9.4m/yr, Left Field, Kansas City Royals
Nevada$18m/yr, Pitcher, San Francisco Giants
New Hampshire$12.7m/yr, Pitcher, St. Louis Cardinals
New Jersey(retired 2011) $20.0m/yr (2005-2010), Center, Miami Heat
New Mexico$8.7m/yr, Running Back, Houston Texans
New York(retired 1999) $33.0m/yr (1997), Shooting Guard, Chicago Bulls
North Carolina$17.0m/yr, Point Guard, Los Angeles Clippers
North Dakota$10.6m/yr, First Base, Cleveland Indians
Ohio$18.3m/yr, Small Forward, Miami Heat
Oklahoma$20.0m/yr, Center Field, Los Angles Dodgers
Oregon$13.6m/yr, Defensive End, Detroit Lions
Pennsylvania$19.5m/yr, Shooting Guard, Los Angeles Lakers
Puerto Rico(Tie) $17.0m/yr, Center Field, New York Mets / St. Louis Cardinals; 1st Base Toronto Blue Jays (currently with New York Mets)
Rhode Island$12.5m/yr, First Base, Chicago White Sox
South Carolina$21.0m/yr, Power Forward, Minnesota Timberwolves / Boston Celtics
South Dakota$7.9m/yr, Small Forward, Memphis Grizzlies / Minnesota Timberwolves / Washington Wizards (currently with Miami Heat)
Tennessee$13.7m/yr, First Base, Colorado Rockies
Texas$20.3m/yr, Left Field, Boston Red Sox / Los Angeles Dodgers
Utah(retired 2008) $5.1m/yr (2000-2005), Center, Sacramento Kings / Indiana Pacers
Vermont(retired 2008) $8.6/yr (2001-2005), Left Wing, Philadelphia Flyers
Virginia$19.7m/yr, Third Base, New York Mets
Virgin Islands$17.4m/yr, Center, San Antpnio Spurs
Washington$20.0m/yr, Pitcher, San Francisco Giants
West Virginia$9.38m/yr, Wide Receiver, Minnesota Vikings / Oakland Raiders / New England Patroits (currently with San Francisco 49ers)
Wisconsin$11.3m/yr, Quarterback, Dallas Cowboys
Wyoming(cut 2008) $5.0m/yr (2006-2011), Safety, Washington Redskins

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