What's Missing? (Buffy Edition)

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Can you name the missing item from the BTVS set??

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MembersMissing LinkCategory
Nikki Wood, Buffy Summers, Kendra Young
Willow Rosenberg, Jonathan Levinson, Tara Maclay
Master, Glory, First, Angelus, Adam, Trio
Angel, Riley Finn, Parker Abrams
Buffy, Dawn, Hank
Rupert Giles, Robson, Wesley-Windon Pryce, Gwendolyn Post, Diana Dormer, Merrick
Riley Finn, Graham Miller, Maggie Walsh
Rupert Giles, Randall, Thomas Sutcliffe, Deirdre Page, Philip Henry
MembersMissing LinkCategory
Cordelia Chase, Willow Rosenberg, Jenny Calendar
Angel, Clem, Spike,
Syphilis, Hyena, Praying Mantis
Cordelia Chase, Gwen Ditchik, Aphrodisia
Cassie Newton, Joyce Summers, Jenny Calendar,
Andrew Wells, Tara Maclay, Willow Rosenberg
Warren Meers, Andrew Wells

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