Staggered Word Ladder

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Can you name the four and five-letter words to complete these two staggered ladders*?

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The left column is four-letter words and the right column is five-letter words.
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▼ Migraine warning ▼A___>
From the Middle East<___B
Old MacDonald had oneF___>
Goes in guns<___O
Knightly womanD___>
Sign of what's to come<___N
Jolly Roger componentB___>
August's birthstone<___X
Up in my businessN___>
Nordic capital<___O
Essence of beingS___>
▲ ____ of Mexico ▲<___F
▼ Chocolate latte ▼M____>
Class with hydrocarbons<____M
Treasure troveC____>
Was Macbeth<____D
Spiny succulentsC____>
Shel's had a light<____C
Little Richard's _____ FruttiT____>
Remove a Full Windsor<____E
Enoki and portobelloF____>
Ocean's 11's Dickinson<____E
Argentine danceT____>
▲ To irk ▲<____Y

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