Vowel Sandwich 2

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Can you name the six letter words with the following vowel middles?

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_ _ai_ _Bible book
_ _au_ _Ostentatiously display
_ _ea_ _Ring of leaves
_ _ee_ _Gouda or gruyere
_ _ei_ _Aircraft manufacturing company
_ _eo_ _Evolution is a good one
_ _eu_ _Poirot's profession
_ _ia_ _Assign urgency to illness
_ _ie_ _He takes your confession
_ _ii_ _Speeding down the snow
_ _io_ _Brainless behavior
_ _iu_ _Poppy seed narcotics
_ _oa_ _On a boat
_ _oe_ _Single-celled organism
_ _oi_ _Chinese philosophy
_ _oo_ _Far out, man
_ _ou_ _Husband or wife
_ _ua_ _Parrot's cry
_ _ue_ _Know all of a language
_ _ui_ _Slightly cyan

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