Kitty Ladder

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☦ Sound a kitty makes ☦
With no additions
Post-workout feel
Address for a king
Bog or swamp
☦ Kitty delicacy ☦
Paddy product
The sun does this at dawn
Bouquet regular
Schrute cousin
Green carpet plant
Swing without hitting
☦ Sound a kitty makes ☦
At the top of pants
Tears apart
Ready to eat
Lasso material
Lives in the Vatican
Skin hole
____ to tears
Without clothes
Hay is stored here
☦ Kitty toy ☦
Has three feet
Ender's Game author
Freshwater fish
IBM, for one (abbr.)
Swift power seizure
Miso or minestrone
Used in the shower
Fly high in the sky
☦ Sound a (big) kitty makes ☦

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