Vowel Sandwich

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Can you name the four letter words with the following vowel middles?

Updated Aug 8, 2012

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_aa_Swedish car company
_ae_Folk singer Joan
_ai_Conceited or full of pride
_ao_Landlocked Asian country
_au_Imitation; ___ pas
_ea_Unable to hear
_ee_Produce tears
_ei_Princess in 'Star Wars'
_eo_Noble gas used in red lights
_eu_Hera's hubby
_ia_One who prevaricates
_ie_Ukrainian capital
_ii_Kristen of 'Bridesmaids' and SNL
_io_Violent disturbance
_iu_One of 12 Popes
_oa_A bar for the bath
_oe_'Jabberwocky' or 'To a Nightingale', e.g.
_oi_A weapon in fencing
_oo_A chesspiece
_ou_Person, place or thing, e.g.
_ua_Chinese unit of currency
_ue_Animal fat used in pastries
_ui_What you're taking now
_uo_Floating nautical marker
_uu_Capital of Greenland

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