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Can you name the pokémon from the group of four that can breed with each given pokémon?

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PokémonIs Compatible WithOne Of These Four
SkarmorySwablu, Steelix, Metagross, Koffing
PinecoSentret, Palpitoad, Trapinch, Snorunt
SnorlaxSalamence, Wobbuffet, Mienfoo, Ditto
ZangooseGallade, Paras, Foongus, Seviper
SawkHitmonchan, Meowth, Illumise, Shieldon
LampentCastform, Ponyta, Nosepass, Jynx
GeodudeMagnemite, Roggenrola, Voltorb, Porygon2
CarnivineLeafeon, Cherubi, Wormadam, Shedinja
CharmanderMagikarp, Growlithe, Flareon, Chimchar
VanilliteMagcargo, Bastiodon, Ekans, Sudowoodo
PikachuIgglybuff, Plusle, Togepi, Cleffa
HoundourArmaldo, Dunsparce, Minun, Cubone
DittoDitto, Unown, Spiritomb, Tyrogue
PoliwagGoldeen, Wailmer, Alomomola, Tentacool
NidorinoNidorina, Pupitar, Snorlax, Aron

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