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NationalityPlayerFirst event won
DanishSeason 1 Five Diamond World Poker Classic
AmericanSeason 1 Legends of Poker
Costa RicanSeason 1 Costa Rica Classic
AmericanSeason 1 Gold Rush
AmericanSeason 1 World Poker Finals
BritishSeason 1 World Poker Open
SwedishSeason 1 Euro Finals of Poker
AmericanSeason 1 World Poker Challenge
AmericanSeason 1 WPT Championship
FrenchSeason 2 Grand Prix de Paris
AustralianSeason 2 Legends of Poker
FilipinoSeason 2 Borgata Poker Open
AmericanSeason 2 Ultimate Poker Classic
AmericanSeason 2 World Poker Finals
AmericanSeason 2 Five Diamond World Poker Classic
AmericanSeason 2 World Poker Open
Iranian/AmericanSeason 2 LA Poker Classic
AmericanSeason 2 Bay 101 Shooting Star
AmericanSeason 2 World Poker Challenge
SwedishSeason 2 WPT Championship
BritishSeason 3 Grand Prix de Paris
IsraeliSeason 3 Mirage Poker Showdown
AmericanSeason 3 Legends of Poker
CanadianSeason 3 Borgata Poker Open
Costa RicanSeason 3 Ultimate Poker Classic
EcuadorianSeason 3 Festa Al Lago
Vietnamese/AmericanSeason 3 World Poker Finals
BritishSeason 3 PokerStars Caribbean Poker Adventure
AmericanSeason 3 World Poker Open
AmericanSeason 3 LA Poker Classic
Vietnamese/AmericanSeason 3 Bay 101 Shooting Star
PolishSeason 3 Party Poker Million
AmericanSeason 3 World Poker Challenge
CanadianSeason 4 Mirage Poker Showdown
BritishSeason 4 Grand Prix de Paris
IsraeliSeason 4 Legends of Poker
AmericanSeason 4 Borgata Poker Open
LebaneseSeason 4 UltimateBet Aruba Poker Classic
NationalityPlayerFirst event won
Vietnamese/AmericanSeason 4 Doyle Brunson North American Poker Championship
AmericanSeason 4 World Poker Finals
DanishSeason 4 Five Diamond World Poker Classic
CanadianSeason 4 PokerStars Caribbean Poker Adventure
Vietnamese/AmericanSeason 4 Gold Strike World Poker Open
Vietnamese/AmericanSeason 4 Bay 101 Shooting Star
AmericanSeason 4 World Poker Challenge
GuyaneseSeason 4 Foxwoods Poker Classic
AmericanSeason 4 WPT Championship
AmericanSeason 5 Mirage Poker Showdown
AmericanSeason 5 Mandalay Bay Poker Championship
DanishSeason 5 Grand Prix de Paris
AmericanSeason 5 Legends of Poker
AmericanSeason 5 Borgata Poker Open
NorwegianSeason 5 Festa Al Lago
AmericanSeason 5 Canadian Open Championship
CanadianSeason 5 North American Poker Championship
CanadianSeason 5 World Poker Finals
AustralianSeason 5 Doyle Brunson North American Poker Classic
AmericanSeason 5 Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure
AmericanSeason 5 World Poker Open
AmericanSeason 5 Borgata Winter Poker Open
AmericanSeason 5 LA Poker Classic
AmericanSeason 5 Bay 101 Shooting Star
Vietnamese/AmericanSeason 5 World Poker Challenge
AmericanSeason 5 Foxwoods Poker Classic
AmericanSeason 6 Mirage Poker Showdown
CanadianSeason 6 Mandalay Bay Poker Championship
AmericanSeason 6 Bellagio Cup III
AmericanSeason 6 Legends of Poker
AmericanSeason 6 Gulf Coast Poker Championship
AmericanSeason 6 Borgata Poker Open
Turks and Caicos IslanderSeason 6 Turks and Caicos Poker Classic
GermanSeason 6 Spanish Championship
AmericanSeason 6 World Poker Finals
Ukrainian/AmericanSeason 6 Doyle Brunson Classic Championship
AmericanSeason 6 World Poker Open
AmericanSeason 6 Borgata Winter Open
NationalityPlayerFirst event won
AmericanSeason 6 LA Poker Classic
AmericanSeason 6 Bay 101 Shooting Star
AmericanSeason 6 World Poker Challenge
AmericanSeason 6 Foxwoods Poker Classic
Chinese/AmericanSeason 6 WPT Championship
DanishSeason 7 Spanish Championship
CanadianSeason 7 Bellagio Cip IV
Vietnamese/AmericanSeason 7 Legends of Poker
Indian/AmericanSeason 7 Borgata Poker Open
AmericanSeason 7 North American Poker Championship
FrenchSeason 7 Festa Al Lago
AmericanSeason 7 Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic
AmericanSeason 7 Southern Poker Championship
Romanian/AmericanSeason 7 LA Poker Classic
AmericanSeason 7 Bay 101 Shooting Star
RussianSeason 7 Foxwoods Poker Classic
Ukrainian/AmericanSeason 7 WPT Championship
SwedishSeason 8 WPT Venice
AmericanSeason 8 WPT Spanish Championship
BrazilianSeason 8 Bellagio Cup V
AmericanSeason 8 Legends of Poker
Hungarian Season 8 WPT Slovakia
FrenchSeason 8 WPT Merit Cyprus Classic
AmericanSeason 8 Borgata Poker Open
FrenchSeason 8 WPT Marrakech
AmericanSeason 8 Festa Al Lago
AmericanSeason 8 Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic
HungarianSeason 8 LA Poker Classic
AmericanSeason 8 Bay 101 Shooting Star
FrenchSeason 8 WPT Bucharest
AmericanSeason 8 WPT Championship
DanishSeason 9 Grand Prix de Paris
GermanSeason 9 WPT Spanish Championship
GermanSeason 9 Bellagio Cup VI
AmericanSeason 9 Legends of Poker
BritishSeason 9 WPT London Poker Classic

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