Big 4, Change ONE Letter

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Can you name the Big 4, Change ONE Letter?

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Pastry chefs (Pac.) 
Documents (Cen.) 
Potatoes (S.W.) 
Scuba footwear (Pac.) 
Beds at camp (Cen.) 
Groan-inducing jokes (Pac.) 
Actor Tom or Colin (S.E.) 
Beatles, Stones, etc. (S.W.) 
Depressive preceder? (S.E.) 
Small brass trumpets (S.W.) 
Jellies (NFC-W) 
Items for Picasso (NFC-S) 
Regal headgears (AFC-N) 
Loses feathers (AFC-S) 
Spider-man and family (NFC-N) 
Rosaries (NFC-N) 
Birds, or crazy people (NFC-N) 
Funds for research (NFC-E) 
Liver secretions (AFC-E) 
Private planes (AFC-W) 
Taverns (NL-C) 
Tactics for Hold 'em (NL-E) 
Mice (AL-E) 
Spanish mothers (NL-W) 
Loses weight (AL-C) 
Irks (AL-W) 
Stops a car (NL-E) 
Arthurian sorcerers (NL-E) 
7 and 3/4, but not i or pi (NL-E) 
Stretching exercises (NL-C) 
Hockey projectiles (Pac.) 
Not spicy (N.W.) 
Black keys on a piano (Pac.) 
Hints (Cen.) 
Attacks with a knife (Pac.) 
Picture holders (N.W.) 
Doorbell Pressers (Atl.) 
Thinking organs (N.E.) 
Lusty eyers (N.W.) 
Fur coats (N.E.) 

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