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Name one of the two official languages of India?Geography
Which word can also be an adjective: pavilion, an, or 'or'?Language
Which country singer starred in Pure Country?Movies
In the NBA, who is first all-time in assists?Sports
Name one of the main four members of the Beatles.Music
In Pokemon, who is Ash's main Pokemon?Gaming
What disease does Michael J. Fox have?Entertainment
What holiday is on the third Monday of January?Holiday
In Greek mythology, which major god was a blacksmith and craftsman?Religion
What is the Thursday preceding Easter called?Holiday
In Family Guy, what city are Joe and Bonnie Swanson orginally from?Television
Who will 'pity the fool'?Entertainment
Where did the Confederates surrender in the Civil War?History
Who wrote the book ''The Sun Also Rises''?Literature
What is the fifth element on the Peridoic Table?Science
Which actor stars as the 'Don' of the Corleone in the Godfather?Movies
What is the third element on the Periodic Table?Science
Who was the 37th U.S. President?History
What religion did Joseph Smith, Jr. found?Religion
What is J.K. Rowling's real first name?Literature
What game series features an orange marsupial rat that goes through levels in space and races?Gaming
What season is The Simpsons currently on?Television
In the NBA, who is second all-time in assists?Sports
Which word is spelt correctly: Momtezuma, Confucius, or Theodocius?Language
Besides Chinese, Spanish, English, French, and Russian, what other language is an official language of the United Nations?Geography
What is the name of the Lady Gaga song referring to a 'disco stick'?Music

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