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...lost most of it's men's national soccer team in a 1993 plane crash?
...was home to the dodo before its extinction?
...has the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in the Americas?
...has a flag with five stars representing the Federal Republic of Central America?
...has won the most Summer Olympics medals without ever having won gold?
...that was known as New Hebrides until independence?
...has the most FIFA World Cup appearances without a championship?
...has the least populated national capital?
...is home to Boiling Lake, the world's second largest hot springs?
...is the world's least densely populated?
...has Bambara as its most widely understood language?
...has the most total area of any landlocked country in Africa?
...has the least total area of any country the Prime Meridian passes through?
...has the largest desert that is located within only one country?
...has had a runner win either the men's or women's Boston Marathon every year since 1991?
...that is home to the world's deepest known cave?
...was formerly known as Nyasaland?
...is referred to as 'Hellas' in its native language?
...has a flag with stars that are a geographically-accurate representation of the country's islands?
...uses the somoni as its unit of currency?
...lost its status as a UN Security Council permanent member in 1971?
...was formerly known as Kampuchea?
...has the shortest coastline?
...has the greatest population of Albanians outside of Albania?
...regained autonomy as a result of the Russo-Turkish War, after more than 450 years of Ottoman rule?
...was the first to be admitted to the Commonwealth of Nations without ever having been a part of the British Empire?
...was the first Eastern Bloc nation to begin to dismantle its border fence with western Europe?
...has the smallest area and borders at least two other countries?
...received its current name after independence to decrease confusion with a neighboring country?
...has its national bird, the grey crowned crane, on its flag?
...is the oldest independent state in Africa?
...that contains the land at the southern end of the world's longest overland animal migration?
...has the longest-serving current head of state?
...has a flag whose design represents the Pacific Ocean and the country's four island groups?
...has a name meaning 'Land of the Pure' in its national language?
...has won the most Olympic gold medals in men's ice hockey?
...has a name meaning 'ancient and bearded?'
...is named after a man who led multiple Latin American countries to independence?
...shares a name with a region of Greece, causing a naming dispute between the countries?
...is the world's leading producer of renewable energy?
...is the smaller of the two that are the only two in the world to have their capital cities located across a river from one another?
...has the highest mountain outside of Asia?
...is the only one not bordering Russia where Russian is an official language statewide?
...is where LEGO pieces were created?
...has the only absolute monarchy in Europe?
...is home to the two holiest Muslim sites?
...contains the first New World land visited by Christopher Columbus?
...is closest to the Arctic Circle without having any territory inside it?
...was the first to elect a female head of government?
...has a tricolor flag whose colors represent forests, the Equator, and the sea?
...is home to Victoria Falls National Park?
...had the longest civil war in Latin American history, spanning from 1960-1996?
...was the first to be invaded by Nazi Germany?
...that contains the location of the ancient city of Troy?
...had militants that received funding from the U.S. government as part of the Iran-contra affair?
...is connected to the continental mainland by the King Fahd Causeway?
...uses the Nikkei 225 as an index for its main stock exchange?
...is the smallest original European Union member?
...has a main island that was known by 'Hairouna' to the indigenous population?
...is home to the only volcano on mainland Europe to have erupted within the last 100 years?
...is the place of origin of Dalmatians?
...has the world's tallest building?
...was where the hottest temperature on the Earth's surface was recorded?
...has a legislature called 'Oireachtas?'
...that defeated Bolivia in the Chaco War?
...is home to Angel Falls, the world's highest waterfall?
...is home to the driest location on Earth?
...is the only non-European country to be completely surrounded by one other country?
...has the lowest high point above sea level, at 7 ft. 7 inches?
...had the deadliest tornado on record?
...is the northernmost nation through which the Prime Meridian passes?
...is believed to be home to the most Palestinian refugees?
...is the only communist nation in the western hemisphere?
...is the world's most densely populated?
...produces Aldaris beer?
...is the southernmost of the Lesser Antilles?
...is the only one in South America to have only two colors in its flag?
...takes its name and borders from the river that passes through its center?
...has the most total area of any country on the Mediterranean Sea?
...is the only one to have elected a female-majority legislature?
...was the only Pacific island nation to avoid formal colonization?
...has the southernmost capital?
...is the only one in Africa to be represented by a pavilion at Epcot?
...does not allow its citizens to visit Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, or Yemen without special permission?
...had the story of its bobsled team dramatized in the movie 'Cool Runnings?'
...was the first former Soviet Socialist Republic to declare independence from the USSR?
...that contains the location of the ancient city of Carthage?
...was known as Zaire until 1997?
...is the smallest current European Union member?
...contains the region of Transylvania?
...is home to the headquarters of both the European Union and NATO?
...was the setting for the book and movie 'Black Hawk Down?'
...was the first that the United Nations graduated from 'least developed' to 'developing' status?
...that was formerly known as Dahomey?
...has the most distant point from the center of the Earth?
...is the only English-speaking nation in South America?
...is home to the world's fastest diesel ferry?
...has .cf as its Internet country code top-level domain?
...was the site of the Chernobyl disaster?
...has hosted the most Olympic Games?
...has the greatest number of languages spoken?
...was the only one to have gained its independence from New Zealand?
...contains the headwaters of both the Senegal and Niger Rivers?
...is the only OPEC member located wholly within the southern hemisphere?
...is named after the desert that is believed to be the world's oldest?
...was invaded during 'Operation Enduring Freedom?'
...has its capital located on the island of Bioko?
...provides the soldiers who serve as Vatican guards?
...gained its independence from Ethiopia in 1993?
...was founded and colonized by freed American slaves?
...produces Madeira wine?
...had coups d'etat in both 1999 and 2001?
...is the most recent to gain independence from the UK?
...has its capital located on the shore of Lake Tanganyika?
...was formed in 1990 when its formerly separated northern and southern halves united?
...is the only nation in North America not to border the Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean Sea?
...is the only Pacific Ocean nation to consist of only one island?
...had its best known site under joint U.S. control until 1999?
...has the largest percentage of its land area protected in parks and reserves?
...is home to the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world?
...is named after France's King Louis XV's Minister of Finance?
...is the only one whose flag is not a rectangle?
...is the easternmost of the Lesser Antilles?
...is located closest to the intersection of the Equator and the Prime Meridian?
...was the first in Africa to reach the FIFA World Cup quarterfinals?
...has the most official languages?
...that has about 20% of its land area located below sea level?
...has, since 1974, had part of its territory under control of a separate state that is only formally recognized by Turkey?
...has the highest percentage of Christian residents of any Arab League member?
...that is believed to contain the location of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?
...is the least populated country that has officially acknowledged its possession of nuclear weapons?
...is the only former Yugoslav state to border only one other former Yugoslav state?
...is the larger of the only two to be surrounded by landlocked countries?
...has a name derived from a word in its official language meaning 'fortresses built near water?'
...has the largest number of Muslims?
...has about 70% of its land area covered by the Karakum Desert?
...is the most populated nation with no standing army?
...is the least populated in South America?
...has Krio as the most widespread language?
...does not maintain foreign relations with any permanent members of the UN Security Council?
...had a constitutional monarchy after gaining independence from France in 1954 until being overthrown by communists in 1975?
...is the most populated not to have diplomatic relations with the USA?
...renamed its largest city in 1976 to honor its first president and leader of its independence movement?
...contains the land claimed by the breakaway country of Transnistria?
...is the most populated country in Africa?
...has the northernmost capital?
...is the only non-island nation in North America not to border the Pacific Ocean?
...has a church that has been under construction since 1882?
...was where the first season of 'Survivor' was filmed?
...is planning to move its capital to Ramciel by 2015?
...is the most recent and southernmost member of the Arab League?
...was invaded by U.S. troops in 1983?
...has the highest proportion of Roman Catholic residents in Asia?
...is the smallest in the Americas in both size and population?
...is the first to see dawn of each new day?
...is located closest to the USA without actually bordering it?
...has the longest written Constitution?
...has 70% of its population residing on the island of Viti Levu?
...hosted the first Winter Olympic Games?
...has the least total area of any landlocked country outside of Europe?
...was the first to have its voters reject European Union membership?
...has the most populated metropolitan area in Africa?
...is the only one to have red and black as the only two colors on its flag?
...has the greatest life expectancy at birth?
...has the largest number of Roman Catholics?
...sentenced an American teenager to caning for vandalism in 1994?
...has both Arabic and English as official languages?
...is closest to Antarctica without any Antarctic territorial claims?
...is where Nobel Prizes are awarded?
...produces Pilsner Urquell beer?
...has its capital located on the island of Guadalcanal?
...is the smallest through which the Equator passes?
...has a capital city whose construction began on previously undeveloped land in 2002?
...contains the Aïr Mountains?
...is the location of the titular 2006 'Casino Royale' in the 2006 film?
...is home to the $27 million and 160-foot tall African Renaissance Monument?
...is the home country of Nobel laureates Arthur Lewis and Derek Walcott, making it the country with the most laureates per capita?
...is the least populated OPEC member?
...was the first in the Eastern Bloc to elect a non-communist government?
...has the most saline body of water outside of Antarctica?
...served as the test site for 67 U.S. nuclear weapons tests between 1946 and 1958?
...has the northernmost metropolitan area of more than one million people?
...has a 2.5-mile wide, 160-mile long demilitarized zone as its northern border?
...contains most of the Tatra Mountains?
...is home to the launchpad for the world's first human spaceflight?
...has Avianca as its flag carrier airline?
...has residents who are known as Malagasy?
...was where the first pterodactyl fossil was discovered?
...is the westernmost in the Arab League?
...has an exclave of Nakhchivan?
...was formely known as Upper Volta?
...is the only one besides Italy to have Italian as its sole official language?
...now has a population of more than 500,000 but was uninhabited until being settled by Portugal in the 15th Century?
...has the Vysshaya Liga as its top division of professional soccer?
...has a quarter of Jerusalem's Old City named after it?
...Kosovo has declared independence from?

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