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Can you name the characters in Shakespeare's plays that start with these letters??

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A. A Bohemian swindler
B. Mercutio's friend
C. Caesar's wife
D. Othello's wife
E. Hermia's father
F. A famous drunk
G. King Lear's daughter
H. Hamlet's best friend
I. Othello's confidant
J. 'All the world's a stage...'
L. Ophelia's brother
M. Prospero's daughter
N. Portia's waiting-woman
O. The object of Orsino's affection
P. Troilus and Cressida's go-between
Q. A Merry Mistress
R. A Montague
S. Viola's twin
T. Lady Capulet's nephew
U. Ajax and Nestor's comrade-in-arms
V. Coriolanus' mother
W. Bishop in Henry VI (Parts I and II)
Y. Old Clifford's son

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