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What can be found living in Selena Gomez's knees?
What is Dan's Agent name?
What is Phil's Agent name?
What happens when you say 'The Super Amazing Project'?
What does Phil suggest should be the mascot for the show?
What do Dan and Phil put on to read the news?
What is the e-mail address for Viewer Spooky Happenings?
In the second episode, what is a man accidentally sent in the post?
What does Dan dress up as for Halloween?
What does Dan say about the baby pandas in the snow?
What was the name of the surfing goat?
Which boxers is Dan wearing in 'Flesh Eating Bananas'?
What is found to have Dan's face?
What do Dan and Phil pass through the camera on Boxing Day?
What does Grace think 'minting' means?
What does Dan get up to whilst Phil is in Florida?
What is the only Easter-related news that Dan and Phil could find?
What does Dan claim 'you got from yo mama'?
What animal does Benedict Cumberbatch look like?
What does Dan think is eaten on Christian Feast Day?
What is put on the desk at the end of 'World's Fattest Cat'?
What does Dan put on to read the news?

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