Giant Harry Potter Facts

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Can you name the Facts About Giants In Harry Potter?

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Where Do Giants Live?
What Country Did Hagrid Travel To While Looking For the Giant Tribe?
Who Did He Travel With?
Who Was the Original Gurg?
Who Took Over For Him?
Giant QuestionGiant Answer
Who Was Hagrid's Little Brother?
What Did He Call Hagrid?
What Did He Call Hermione?
How Tall Was He In Feet?
His Vocabulary Was Comprised of How Many Words At the End of the Order of the Phoenix?
Giant QuestionGiant Answer
What Was One Gift That Hagrid Gave To Karkus
Who Discovered Hagrid Was A Half-Giant In the Fourth Book and Wrote About It In the Daily Prophet?
What Death Eater Was Also Trying To Persuade the Giant Tribe?
What Was Hagrid's Mother Called?

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