K-Pop Idol By Birthday

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Can you name the Korean idols by their birthdays?

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May 18thBig Bang
September 22ndSNSD
October 15th4Minute
August 24thSuper Junior
June 29thU-Kiss
March 22ndT-ara
October 29thf(x)
March 13thU-Kiss
January 17thU-Kiss
March 7thFT Island
February 3rdSuper Junior
August 11thAfter School
April 3rdSS501
December 15thDBSK
July 24thKara
April 4thSuper Junior
July 18thSHINee
June 28thCN Blue
December 5thSNSD
February 9thSuper Junior
February 26th2NE1
June 28thSNSD
April 18thSNSD
September 23rdSHINee
April 25th2PM
October 15thSuper Junior
December 27th2PM
July 1stSuper Junior
April 30th2PM
September 18thf(x)
March 10thMBLAQ
December 9thSHINee
January 9th4Minute
May 21stKara
October 7thMBLAQ
February 2ndf(x)
November 25thU-Kiss
March 2ndFT Island
January 1stSuper Junior
May 15thCN Blue
December 12thT-ara
July 31stAfter School
April 8thSHINee
May 1st2AM
September 1stWonder Girls
August 12thf(x)
June 6th4Minute
October 16thMBLAQ
July 4thBEAST
June 7thT-ara
June 4thDBSK
October 11thSuper Junior
September 14thAfter School
May 16thSolo Female
March 11thU-Kiss
January 5thBEAST
May 18th4Minute
December 14thSHINee
April 19thSuper Junior
May 26thWonder Girls
January 15th2PM
June 27thWonder Girls
February 11th2PM
May 2ndWonder Girls
May 30thT-ara
February 7thMBLAQ
February 24thSS501
March 9thSNSD
August 3rdSS501
September 15thCN Blue
June 22ndCN Blue
October 4thWonder Girls
February 10thSNSD
February 6thDBSK
February 10thSuper Junior
June 21stSuper Junior
December 17thFT Island
September 18thBrown Eyed Girls
March 29thf(x)
October 7thKara
December 29thU-Kiss
June 24th2PM
December 19thBEAST
June 6thSS501
January 13thKara
November 6thMBLAQ
August 30th4Minute
August 21stSuper Junior
September 3rdBEAST
July 29thU-Kiss
December 25thAfter School
March 24th2NE1
August 12thWonder Girls
January 18thKara
October 5thT-ara
December 12thT-ara
April 9thAfter School
June 6thBEAST
April 27thMiss A
December 12thBig Bang
December 28thBrown Eyed Girls
July 10thSuper Junior
November 2ndBrown Eyed Girls
April 22ndT-ara
September 20thBrown Eyed Girls
August 1stSNSD
May 2nd2AM
January 26thDBSK
March 30thBEAST
June 21stMiss A
May 15thSNSD
May 7thAfter School
November 12th2NE1
November 4thBig Bang
November 11thFT Island
January 17thSuper Junior
March 19thAfter School
May 30thSNSD
April 26thBig Bang
August 21stFT Island
November 5thSolo Female
June 25thSolo Male
November 3rdSS501
May 11th2AM
August 18thBig Bang
September 28thSuper Junior
January 25th2PM
August 2ndAfter School
February 18thDBSK
August 28th2AM
November 9thSolo Male
January 18th2NE1
October 10thMiss A
February 3rdMiss A

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