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Can you name the TV shows whose sign-off phrases Barney references in Season 6, Episode 9 of How I met your Mother, '?

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Sign-off lineTV show
'You Are the ******* ****, goodbye!'
'The tribe has spoken'
'Pack your knives and go'
'Your **** of *** didn't work for us.'
'Your time's up!'
'I have to ask you to leave the mansion.'
'You must leave the chateau!'
'Your tour ends here!'
'You have been *******!'
Sign-off lineTV show
'You have been evicted from the *** ******* house.'
'Your dessert just didn't measure up!'
'Sachay Away!'
'Give me your jacket, and leave ****'* *******!'
'I'm sorry, you did not get a rose.'
'You have been eliminated from the ****.'
'You are no longer in the running to be America's **** *** *****.'
'You're fired!'
'Auf Wiedersehen.'

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