Starcraft 2 Units ~ Terran

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Can you name the Starcraft 2 terran units?

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HintUnit Name
Ground; Basic; Machine Gun
Ground; Tech-lab; Grenade launchers
Ground; Tech-lab; Jump up cliffs
Ground; Factory; Flamethrower
Ground; Factory; Transforms
Ground; Factory; Massive
Ground; Worker
Ground; Worker; called-in
Air; Basic; Transforms
Air; Basic; Heals
Air; Tech-lab; Seeker Missiles
Air; Tech-lab; Cloak
Air; Massive; Yamato Cannon
Ground; Cloak; Nuke
Building; Produces Workers
HintUnit Name
Building; Produces non-vehicle units
Building; Produces vehicle units
Building; Produces Air Units
Building; Unlocks upgrades for ground units
Building; Allows you to produce more units
Building; Produces vespine gas
Building; Houses/ Protects Units
Building; Detects Cloaked Units Attacks Air
Building; Detects Distant Enemies
Building; Produces Nukes
Building; Unlocks upgrades for Vehicular Units
Building; Unlocks Battlecruiser Upgrades
Add-on; Allows production of 2 units simultaneously
Add-on; Unlocks advance units

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