Degrassi Characters- new and old

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Can you name the New and old characters of degrassi??

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jimmy's girlfriend from therapy
transgender. gracie. drews brother
cuts. has an alcoholic mother
part of the gifted class. dated clare. in a group home. had a baby
gay. kissed ellie
Hit a jogger during a street race with Peter, left the scene, went to jail
katies sister. too good for the band
planted a fake id on fitz. drives a hearse
Smoked weed with Paige during the college fair . kissed her
dated clare. now step brother and sister
brought a gun to school after being humiliated
strict parents. needs an arranged marriage.
gave clare a makover.
had a kid with jane's brother. dated jt. model
joined wrestling team and almost became bulimic to make weight
spoiled. tristan's best friend.
Sold her auntie's 'diet pills' to Jenna. flirted with adam
had gonorrhea. Wound up in the hospital from bulimia
Started going out with Alex after convincing herself that it was okay
Helped Riley plastic wrap Drew to the flagpole. dated anya
dated alli. cheated on her. tased wesley
Unintentionally led school to believe she had an affair with her teacher. got pregnant
faked a pregnancy. mother has cancer
heather sinclair's sister. friends with fiona
dated spinner. raped by her dad as a child
cheated on ellie with kaitlyn
katies bff. flirt
started the anti grapevine
bad boy. dated alex. friends with sean. married manny
publicly humiliated Rick; shifted blame to Jimmy. shot in the arm
went out with jimmy. turned goth. went out with craig
best friends with fiona
dating tori. freshman band player
picked up a cyber-stalker. raped. attepted suicide
Was the victim of rumors that she had a boob job when she actually had laser eye surgery.
in the closet gay. football player
Lied about knowing Fall Out Boy
lesbian. alcoholic. dated charlie.
diagnosed with a mild case of Asperger's Syndrome. simpsons god son
Editor of the Daily Degrassi. addicted to pain meds. going to rehab.
singer. boyfriend stealer. got pregnant
Made captain of the football team after Riley hazed him
dated manny. cheated on emma at prom with liberty
moved in with ellie marco and paige. HIV positive
had an abortion with craigs baby. stripped for peter
dated alli and had sex with her in the ravine
hooked up with jane. dated holly j. punched by spinner
gay kid set up on a date with adam. owens brother
liberty's brother. dated mia and leia
video taped manny. kissed by riley
got shot. dated hazel

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