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Can you name the Characters in the TV Show Entourage?

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'Shawshank almost makes me wish I did time'
'I got into this business so I wouldn't have to work'
'You gave her the unsolicited snuggle, you are a freak''
''Eric...I met someone.'
'You are going down for this Ari'
'I am not Japanese Ari!'
'**** Muscle?'
'You're helping bugs bunny string his dick through a hole and I'm a wackjob?'
'I don't make movies, I make films'
'People, we have a traitor in our midst'
'I've been working steady for the past 12 years, minus the last 3'
'Have you been hustling me Ari?'
'Ari, I love you and I will blow you like it's 1990'
'Wanna hit a titty bar?'
'You need a ride home? This town isn't safe for a bitch'
'What up E!'
'Is that something you might be interested in?'

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