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You're on my list now know what that means? That means that you are gonna have a date: the back of your head with my ___________.
Now listen up or I'm cutting your ears off with ______!
Tuck that shirt in or I will guide you through a __________.
Get that iPod out of your melon holes or I will download my left cleat into your ____________.
I'm gonna take that gun, I'm gonna shove it up your fudge shovel, and I'm gonna paint the ceiling of the ____________ on the inside of your transverse AND sigmoid colon.
I swear this _____ is going up your nose and out your finger. And that's IMPOSSIBLE!
That's a good idea Coach Sims! While I'm at it, why don't you come over here and I'll snap your head off with some __________.
Show some respect! There is a dead ____ in this box!
I'm just gonna stick your neck through the slats of that chair over there and then twist your head until it pops off like a little vegetarian Chinese _________!
I'm gonna have to hire somebody to mop up your remains after I rip out your sigmoid colon and turn it into a rectal ________.
What the __________ are you doing Yaminashi?
Dear Lord, I'm the one that put this tubby little ___________ in harm's way.
If that guy gets past you, I am gonna cut your body in half with the edge of a coin. It can be done; I saw it on _________.
You say one word to anybody about this and I will pry your sphincter open with a crowbar and drop a _________ in your mudmaker.
Son of a ______!
You got a new name now! It's Hail Mary full of _________.
Maybe that was because you decided to take a standing siesta in open territory while the enemy was taking potshots at your ____________!
QuoteFill in the Blank
Did you just call me ___?
I don't give a fat ____________ if you're Asian, Malaysian, or Caucasian, I don't care. You're an actor, so CUT IT with the Asian accent!
Don't you cry...I swear if you cry I'm gonna dress you up like a _____ and jump in an orca tank.
You know what? This whole section right here, all you guys: after the game, _______________, mass murder.
I wouldn't pay six cents for this _____, are you kidding me? You got robbed chief.
You secure it son, or I will _______ it!
Do you wanna die Mr. Hanniken? Do you want to ________?
I'm gonna punch your ______ through the back of your body.
I found this cherry _______, which is delicious by the way, and this steroid syringe in the showers which means one of you chuggernuts in here is juicin'.
Tune in ______!
Now somebody better speak up right now or I swear I'm gonna lock every single one of you in this building and light it on fire. So who is the big, fat __________ chewing the gum?
There is a wild ____ with horns living in my guest room!
You see what I'm dealing with here your presidency? Can't you just give me the all-clear on making Yaminashi eat some _______________ or something?
I never would have thought it wasn't you Yaminashi because of your _______ dumpling drunk Buddha body.
I wanna kill these little dungnuts! And not simple killings either. I wanna do really creative killings, like in the ____ movies.
For Pete's peppers son, I'm talking about wanting a shot of your ____________, not your man gravy!
It stands for Sandoval, Yaminashi. Sandoval! Which translates to if you ever call me Sandy again I'm gonna cut your body in half with a _______.

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