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Victim And Episode MurdererLocation Of Victim's Body
Season 1 Episode 2; Sara ManningLaundry Room in the dryer
Season 1 Episode 3; Donald 'Donny' Kendall and SpencerIn a boat in the middle of central park
Season 2 Episode 6; Matthew Crow and Damen In the cemetary with a stake in his heart
Season 2 Episode 7; Haley BlueHanging upside down from a fire escape
Season 2 Episode 19; Wil MadenaSquashed by a gargoyle
Season 2 Episode 22; Balthazar WolfIn his Kitchen of his resturant
Season 3 Episode 8; Len levitIn the park
Season 3 episode 10; Donald Haze Found in the river
Season 3 Episode 20; Gordon BurnsFound in a pizza oven
Season 3 Episode 21; Zack LensiFound in a pool
Season 3 Episode 22; Micheal RoyceFound behind a dumpster

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