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A-Z HintWord/Name
A-Castle's Safe Word
B- The Fifth.....
C-Anatomy of murder, where was the body was hidden?
D-What was smuggled in the snakes?
E-What did Caslte, Ryan and Esposito dress up as in heart break hotel?
F-What was stollen in eye of the beholder?
G-Under the....
H-Three of these were found in a bag next to a dead westie
I-New captains nick name
J-Beckett always gets her.....before she leaves
K-Ex-wife's nick name for Castle
L-Hero's Name
M-Muyan King is a....
A-Z HintWord/Name
N-Vicky Westlake killed with a......
O-What kind of a swimmer is the killer in Dead Pool?
P-Death in the family, surgeon was killed by a......
Q-Name of the resturant in Food to die for
R-Cops and ....
S- 1 Gram cracker, 6 marshmellows and a chocolate bar in and.....
T-What animal almost ate Castle and Beckett?
U-Once ......a crime
V-Matthew Crow was a...
W-What's written on castle's vest
X-What tv program did castle mention in Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind
Y-Beckett and Castle's song
Z-Beckett is.....

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