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The number of capital cities Virginia has had
Signer of the Treaty of Paris and first US Chief Justice
The language Jesus is supposed to have spoken
The Confederacy's Monitor equivalent
This couple was executed in the 1950s for allegedly spying for the Russians
Court case that established the 'separate but equal' law
The number of books of the Bible that are named for women?
Battle known as Hitler's last stand
Biggest New Deal creation, actually created in the Second New Deal
US state that borders the most Canadian provinces
Vice President to both John Q. Adams and Andrew Jackson
The State Tree of Virginia
'Dark Horse' who acquired California and led the US into the Mexican War
Virginia's State Motto
Most populous U.S. state for the last time in 1800
This state contains the westernmost point in the contiguous United States
This German's telegram was a factor in the US joining WWI
He circulated prints depicting the Boston Massacre (one if by land, two if by sea)
The number of US Presidents born in Virginia
Started the band the Yardbirds

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