Who Killed Who: The X-Files

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Can you name the Who Killed Who: The X-Files?

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Deep ThroatSeason 1
Michael KritschgauSeason 7
Donnie PfasterSeason 7
William Scully Sr.Season 1
Samantha MulderSeason 7
Melissa ScullySeason 2
Albert HosteenSeason 7
Teena MulderSeason 7
Alex KrycekSeason 8
Knowle RohrerSeason 9
Duane BarrySeason 2
PendrellSeason 4
Mr. XSeason 4
Eugene Victor ToomsSeason 1
William MulderSeason 2
Diana FowleySeason 7
The Lone GunmenSeason 9
Max FenigSeason 4
Well-Manicured ManFight the Future
Cassandra SpenderSeason 5
The Cigarette Smoking ManSeason 9
The SyndicateSeason 5

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