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KrilencuFrom Russia With Love
Ernst Stavro BlofeldFor Your Eyes Only
Hai FatThe Man with the Golden Gun
Boris GrishenkoGoldenEye
Valentin ZukovskyThe World Is Not Enough
SharkeyLicence to Kill
RenardThe World Is Not Enough
Col. Jacques BoitierThunderball
Kamal KhanOctopussy
Emilio LargoThunderball
Elektra KingThe World Is Not Enough
Fiona VolpeThunderball
Peter FranksDiamonds Are Forever
Mr. JonesDr. No
Brad WhitakerThe Living Daylights
General MedranoQuantum of Solace
Kerim BeyFrom Russia With Love
Elliot CarverTomorrow Never Dies
Sergei BarsovThe Spy Who Loved Me
Milton KrestLicence to Kill
Tilly MastersonGoldfinger
Jill MastersonGoldfinger
Mr. Wint & Mr. KiddDiamonds Are Forever
Red GrantFrom Russia With Love
Gustav Graves/Colonel MoonDie Another Day
Strawberry FieldsQuantum of Solace
Rosie CarverLive and Let Die
Professor DentDr. No
Shady TreeDiamonds Are Forever
Dr. KanangaLive and Let Die
Helga BrandtYou Only Live Twice
NecrosThe Living Daylights
Miranda FrostDie Another Day
Rosa KlebbFrom Russia With Love
Alex DimitriosCasino Royale
Vesper LyndCasino Royale
Rene MathisQuantum of Solace
Steven ObannoCasino Royale
John StrangwaysDr. No
DarioLicence to Kill
Dominic GreeneQuantum of Solace
AkiYou Only Live Twice
Dr. NoDr. No
Francisco ScaramangaThe Man with the Golden Gun
Plenty O'TooleDiamonds Are Forever
Tracy BondOn Her Majesty's Secret Service
Le ChiffreCasino Royale
Corinne DufourMoonraker
Andrea AndersThe Man with the Golden Gun
Aristotle KristatosFor Your Eyes Only
Dr. KaufmanTomorrow Never Dies
Franz SanchezLicence to Kill
Max ZorinA View to a Kill
Hugo DraxMoonraker
Auric GoldfingerGoldfinger
May DayA View to a Kill
Alec TrevelyanGoldenEye
Xenia OnatoppGoldenEye
Paris CarverTomorrow Never Dies
Sir Godfrey TibbetA View to a Kill
Solange DimitriosCasino Royale
ZaoDie Another Day
Karl StrombergThe Spy Who Loved Me
General OuromovGoldenEye

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