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James Doakes2:12 - The British Invasion
Ken Olson2:6 - Dex, Lies, and Videotape
Alex Tilden5:10 - In the Beginning
Joe Driscoll1:9 - Father Knows Best
George Novikov7:10 - The Dark...Whatever
Ethan Turner3:5 - Turning Biminese
Clemson Galt3:6 - Si Se Puede
Steve Dorsey6:10 - Ricochet Rabbit
Miles Castner8:7 - Dress Code
Viktor Baskov7:1 - Are You...?
Wayne Randall7:2 - Sunshine and Frosty Swirl
Valerie Castillo1:5 - Love American Style
Jose Garza2:10 - There's Something About Harry
Lisa Marshall6:8 - Sin of Omission
Jeremy Downs1:7 - Circle of Friends
Dan Mendell5:6 - Everything is Illumenated
Christine Hill4:11 - Hello, Dexter Morgan
Ellen Wolf3:8 - The Damage a Man Can Do
Brother Sam6:6 - Just Let Go
Zoey Kruger4:4 - Dex Takes a Holiday
George King3:12 - Do You Take Dexter Morgan?
Paul Bennett2:1 - It's Alive!
Lila West2:12 - The British Invasion
Harry MorganPre-Dexter
Benny Gomez4:1 - Living the Dream
Maria LaGuerta7:12 - Surprise, Motherf**ker!
Rebecca Mitchell6:7 - Nebraska
Miguel Prado3:11 - I Had a Dream
Boyd Fowler5:3 - Practically Perfect
Stan Beaudry4:11 - Hello, Dexter Morgan
Dr. Evelyn Vogel8:10 - Goodbye Miami
Clint McKay7:10 - The Dark...Whatever
Brian Moser, the Ice Truck Killer1:12 - Born Free
Mike Donovan1:1 - Dexter
Camilla Figg3:7 - Easy As Pie
Frank Lundy4:4 - Dex Takes a Holiday
Beth Dorsey6:11 - Talk to the Hand
Little Chino2:2 - Waiting to Exhale
Jurg Yeliashkevych7:9 - Helter Skelter
Emily Birch5:11 - Hop a Freighter
Jorge Castillo1:5 - Love American Style
Billy Fleeter3:8 - The Damage a Man Can Do
Rita Morgan4:12 - The Getaway
Cassie8:7 - Dress Code
Nathan Marten3:3 - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
James GellarPre-Dexter
Laura MoserPre-Dexter
Oscar Prado3:1 - Our Father
Sally Mitchell6:7 - Nebraska
Sal Price7:7 - Chemistry
Mike Anderson7:1 - Are You...?
Zach Hamilton8:9 - Make Your Own Kind of Music
Dr. Emmett Meridian1:8 - Shrink Wrap
Walter Kenney, the Tooth Fairy6:3 - Smokey and the Bandit
Cole Harmon5:8 - Take It!
Roger Hicks2:3 - An Inconvenient Lie
Stan Liddy5:12 - The Big One
Travis Marshall, the Doomsday Killer6:12 - This is the Way the World Ends
Isaak Sirko7:9 - Helter Skelter
Freebo3:2 - Finding Freebo
Johnny Rose4:5 - Dirty Harry
Arthur Mitchell, the Trinity Killer4:12 - The Getaway
Matt Chambers1:2 - Crocodile
Carlos Fuentes5:7 - Circle Us
Lance Robinson5:6 - Everything is Illumenated
Wendell Owens3:6 - Si Se Puede
Jonathan Farrow4:7 - Slack Tide
Santos Jimenez2:9 - Resistance is Futile
Hector Estrada7:12 - Surprise, Motherf**ker!
Louis Greene7:3 - Buck the System
James Jaworski1:1 - Dexter
Joe Walker6:1 - Those Kinds of Things
Jordan Chase5:12 - The Big One
Ray Speltzer7:4 - Run

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