The Victims of Dexter Morgan

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Can you name the victims of the Bay Harbor Butcher?

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Season & EpisodeKillerMotive
1:1 - DexterChild molester and killer
1:1 - DexterRaped and killed a woman in a snuff film
1:2 - CrocodileDrunk driver with no remorse
1:3 - Popping Cherry (flashback)Overmedicated patients with morphine
1:5 - Love American StyleHuman trafficker, killed those who couldn't pay
1:5 - Love American StyleHuman trafficker, killed those who couldn't pay
1:6 - Return to Sender (flashback)Sniper, killed random people
1:6 - Return to Sender (flashback)Arsonist; burned a building with people inside
1:6 - Return to Sender (flashback)Black widow; killed her husbands
1:8 - Shrink WrapTherapist; convinced women to commit suicide
1:12 - Born FreeKilled dozens of prostitutes and drained their blood
2:2 - Waiting to ExhaleEnforcer for 29th Street Kings
2:3 - An Inconvenient LieCar salesman who killed at least 2 women
2:6 - Dex, Lies, and VideotapeCopycat of Bay Harbor Butcher
2:8 - Morning ComesKilled Dexter's mother
2:10 - There's Something About HarryMurderer on the run from the FBI
2:10 - There's Something About Harry (flashback)Pimp who killed one of his girls
2:11 - Left Turn AheadDrug runner who found Doakes
2:11 - Left Turn AheadDrug runner who found Doakes
2:12 - The British InvasionKilled Doakes
3:1 - Our FatherNone, self-defense
Season & EpisodeKillerMotive
3:2 - Finding ______Killed two co-eds
3:3 - The Lion Sleeps TonightChild molester
3:5 - Turning BimineseKilled his wives for the money
3:6 - Si Se PuedeNeo-Nazi who killed his girlfriend
3:7 - Easy as PieNone, mercy kill
3:8 - The Damage A Man Can DoGambling addict who killed to pay debts
3:11 - I Had A DreamADA, killed a rival lawyer
3:12 - Do You Take Dexter Morgan?Tree timmer who skins his victims
4:1 - Living the DreamEx-boxer who killed a man
4:4 - Dex Takes A HolidayCop who killed her family
4:7 - Slack TideNone, Dexter killed the wrong man
4:11 - Hello, Dexter MorganTrucker who killed a prostitute
4:12 - The GetawayKilled hundreds of people
5:1 - My Bad None, insulted Rita
5:3 - Practically PerfectHelped rape and kill dozens of women
5:6 - Everything Is IllumenatedHelped rape and kill dozens of women
5:6 - Everything Is IllumenatedInternet stalker who killed gay men
5:8 - Take It!Helped rape and kill dozens of women
5:10 - In the BeginningHelped rape and kill dozens of women
5:11 - Hop a FreighterNone, self-defense
5:12 - The Big OneConvinced his friends to rape and kill dozens of women
Season & EpisodeKillerMotive
6:1 - Those Kinds of ThingsLet people die to harvest their organs
6:1 - Those Kinds of ThingsKilled his wife
6:2 - Once Upon a TimeGang leader who threatened Brother Sam
6:3 - Smokey and the BanditSerial killer idol of Dexter
6:6 - Just Let GoKilled Brother Sam
6:7 - NebraskaNone, impulse kill
6:10 - Ricochet RabbitHelped create Wormwood
6:11 - Talk to the HandTried to release Wormwood into Miami Metro
6:12 - This Is The Way The World EndsThreatened a pregnant woman on a refugee boat
6:12 - This Is The Way The World EndsReligious zealot who killed dozens
7:1 - Are You...?Russian mobster who killed Mike Anderson
7:4 - RunKilled 3 women
7:9 - Helter SkelterHitman hired to kill Isaak Sirko
7:10 - The Dark...WhateverTried to blackmail Hannah and Dexter
7:12 - Surprise, Motherf**ker!Ordered the murder of Laura Moser
8:1 - A Beautiful DayPushed Dexter on the wrong day
8:3 - What's Eating Dexter Morgan?Cannibal
8:5 - This Little PiggyEx-patient of Dr. Vogel who tortures women for days then kills them.
8:12 - Remember the Monsters?Dr. Vogel's psychotic serial killer son who saw Dexter as his competiton
8:12 - Remember the Monsters?None, mercy kill

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