Batman's Rogues Gallery

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Can you name the Batman's Rogues Gallery?

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Real NameVillain
Demon's Head
Victor Zsasz
Daughter of the Demon's Head
Victor Fries
Basil Karlo
Warren White
Otis Flannegan
Selina Kyle
Arnold Wesker
Insane doctor who knows Batman's identity
Kirk Langstrom
Thomas Elliot
Unknown (hahahahaha)
Humphrey Dumpler
Edward Nygma
Floyd Lawton
Real NameVillain
Maximillian Zeus
Julian Day
Jonathan Crane
Drury Walker
Dumfrey and Deever Tweed
Waylon Jones
Oswald Cobblepot
Jervis Tetch
Unknown (swears to annihilate the forces of justice)
Jason Todd
Roman Sionis
Harleen Quinnzel
Garfield Lynns
Harvey Dent
Pamela Isley
Unknown (Broke the Bat)

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