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What is an element that is in the liquid state at room temperature? (Defined as 68°F @ 1atm)one is a transition metal, and the other is in the Halogen family
What Law states that for an ideal gas of constant pressure: volume and temperature are directly proportional?First published by Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac in 1802, but he gave credit to another individual.
How many million miles from the sun is the Earth on average? (Defined as 1 AU)'AU' = Astronomical Unit. Created using the Earth Sun distance.
What does the µ from the equation F = µN, represent? This equation is used in Classical Mechanics when dealing with blocks on inclined planes.
What is the name that is given to the range of speed from Mach 5.0 - Mach 15.0? These speeds are faster than 'Supersonic'
How many Angstroms (Å) are in 1 nanometer (nm)?Angstroms are often used in measuring wavelengths of Electromagnetic radiation in Astrophysics.
A beam rests on a fulcrum point with a mass of 10 kg on one end at a distance of 3m. What mass would you need to place on the other end at a distance of 2m to balance the beam?The Σ Moments about any point = 0. Where: M = Fd
What is the speed of light in a vacuum, in meters per second?Don't use scientific notation for this answer.
Our sun uses the pp cycle to fuse atoms of Hydrogen into variations of what element?E = mc^2
What was one of the main purposes of the 'Manhattan Project'?Dr. Robert Oppenhemer - 'Now, I am become death, destroyer of worlds'

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