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AnagramTeam NameLeague
My New StrokeNational
Register DittoAmerican
A Sadistic Sun RollNational
Lasagne Log LensesAmerican
Lets Ban AvatarNational
Inane Snow MittsAmerican
Rare Sex GnatsAmerican
Radioman FrillsNational
Inland Lens AdviceAmerican
Attack a Shine DollAmerican
Sour Jolt BayonetAmerican
Oriole Cook CardsNational
Toxic Geisha ShowAmerican
Soil a Retro MobileAmerican
Twin Sons to a HangnailNational
Sips Upright BatterNational
Ken Sawyer On KeyAmerican
Oust Trash SoonNational
A Deader Pigs SonNational
A Slim Test EarnerAmerican
In a Zoo Amid BankcardsNational
May Say Tap BarAmerican
A Godsend Sells GoreNational
Nice Rancid TinsNational
A Pallid Hellish HippieNational
A Tiny Socks SalaryAmerican
Go Cubic CashNational
Dots on BoxersAmerican
A Fanatic Scorns GinNational
Mews Lure Beak WireNational

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