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Can you name the famous duos from these brief descriptions?

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Partner 1Duo's NamePartner 2
Italian PlumberItalian Plumber
A Gray CatA Brown Mouse
Easily Frightened GuyEasily Frightened Dog
Fictional Female Criminal on the RunHer Female Partner
Star Crossed LoverStar Crossed Lover
Mutated Man-BoarMutated Man-Rhino
Gotham's HeroHis Sidekick
Comedian BudComedian Lou
Insane MouseGenius Mouse
3-Legged Alien of Video Game FameChubby Alien of Video Game Fame
Shotz Brewery EmployeeHer Roommate, also worked at Shotz
A Blonde-Haired BoyAn Imaginary Tiger
The TemptedThe Temptress
A Vocal MagicianA Not-So-Vocal Magician
A Boy with a SlingshotHis Gigantic Enemy
A Yellow Guy with a UnibrowAn Orange Guy with a Rubber Ducky
Musician DarylMusician John
A Flying SquirrelA Moose
Metallica FanAC/DC Fan
Famous Female CriminalHer Famous Criminal Lover
Ice Cream MogulIce Cream Mogul
Musician PaulMusician Art
Singer, Actor, Politician now DeceasedHis Wife and Former Singing Partner
Violent Blue Cartoon MouseHis Victim, a Black Cartoon Cat
Fat Cat with a Blue NoseSkinny Dog with a Temper
Mexican-American Stoner ComedianHis Stoner Buddy
Entertainer DeanEntertainer Jerry
Comedian StanComedian Oliver
Fictional Female NYC DetectiveHer Female Partner
Las Vegas MagicianHis Partner, Attacked by a Tiger

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