Major Triads Inversions

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Can you name the inversions of major chord triads?

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root C
1st inversionC
2nd inversionC
root G
1st inversionG
2nd inversionG
root D
1st inversionD
2nd inversionD
root A
1st inversionA
2nd inversionA
root E
1st inversionE
2nd inversionE
root B
1st inversionB
2nd inversionB
root F#
1st inversionF#
2nd inversionF#
root C#
1st inversionC#
2nd inversionC#
root Ab
1st inversionAb
2nd inversionAb
root Eb
1st inversionEb
2nd inversionEb
root Bb
1st inversionBb
2nd inversionBb
root F
1st inversionF
2nd inversionF

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