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Hintliving fossil
One plant division (formerly), only one species! & also makes great tea
One species sister to all angiosperms in New Caledonia
One genus of vascular plants, named after an ungulates posterior
Namib desert, extreme desert plant
New Zealand, looks like a lizard, but isn't
A group that has fur and lays eggs
North America, marsupial
Crikey that's a big ____!
What came first? The caviar or the ____?
Hintliving fossil
If this were real, it would probably be a Gigantopithicus
More closely related to spiders than crustaceans despite its name - also a blue blood
Logarithmically spiraled cephalopods
Echinoderm group from the Ordovician, stalked filter feeder, looks like a star
Emblematic tree of the American Southeast
It is big, it is a tree
Discovered off of Africa in 1938, this fish is practically synonymous with 'living fossil'
~ 300 extant species, 'plants of the Dinosaur age'
When this fish is out of water, it is not 'like a fish out of water'

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