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First LyricSong TitleSung By
'All my friends are gone, and once again I find myself alone.'Nadia
'Everything's and act when you're pleasing everyone.'Peter
'When God sits on his mighty throne and says 'what should I make today?''Sister Chantelle, with Peter
'Where have you been? Is this some stupid game?'Jason, Ivy, Matt, Nadia, Peter
'Will I see you later?'Ivy, Jason, Peter, Matt, Nadia
'What's that supposed to mean?'The Virgin Mary, with backup angels
'So there it is, Claire it is as you feared.'Claire
'Just pray for him to the Lord Your God.'Company
'You stand before me, and I barely know you.'Peter and Jason
'Let's make the later sooner.'Ivy and Jason
'Canvas of ages.'Ivy
'Remember back in seventh grade, endless games of Truth or Dare.'Ivy
'But soft! What light through yonder window breaks. It is the east and Juliet is the sun.'Matt, Lucas, Peter, Ivy, Nadia, Sister Chantelle, Jason, with Company
'He went to your for guidance.'Peter
'Tut, dun's the mouse, the constable's own word.'Peter, with Jason
'I know this world can have a place for us.'Jason and Peter
'I know a girl full of confidence.'Nadia and Jason
First LyricSong TitleSung By
'Things I have don't last for long. Boys have come and boys have gone.'Ivy and Jason
'Dear Jason, there will be tears today.'Nadia, Ivy, Matt, Peter, with Company
'Do you remember the day that you met me?'Jason and Peter
'A time for love, a time for two.'Nadia
'Do you know, well of course you do, what it's like to stand outside?'Matt and Peter
'Mother, I need to talk to you.'Peter and Claire
'Ivy's birthday's in a week; I wanna get her something mad.'Lucas, with Matt, Nadia, Taryn, Ivy, Peter, and Jason
'It's a sacrament of oppression.'Company
'I bet this really takes you back.'Company
'Hey little boy, would you like a ride? A lollipop? A puppy? How about a baseball bat, there's one in my pants.'Jason and Peter
'It's a wedding, y'all, so clap your hands.'Sister Chantelle, with Company
'But I meant all those things I told you.'Ivy, Jason, Nadia, Matt, Peter
'I first held your hand and love was not a crime.' Jason
'If I profane with my unworthiest hands, this holy shrine, the gentle sin is this.'Jason and Peter
'These are my sins, but where to begin?'Jason and Priest
'Both alike in dignity'Company

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