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Before (hint)AnswerAfter (hint)
An Oscar Wilde aphorism about how people get their ideasGeorge Costanza's sometimes alter-ego
The longest one in the world (it's in Africa)Stand By Me actor who died of a drug overdose Halloween 1993
You might catch one with binoculars looking into your windowCouch-jumping scientologist actor
Dylan Thomas wants you to Rage, Rage against ________ .....Roger and Mimi RENT duet
The most popular meal in the United StatesStorybook animal who believes the sky is falling
Philanthropic steel tycoonHow do you get here? Practice.
Paul Revere is incorrectly cited for this famous phraseMaking your homosexual identity known
Movie where someone has a 'case of the Mondays'Mel Brooks Star Wars spoof
Popular children's book about going to sleepAcademy Award Winner for Best Original Song in 1961
Judy Blume book about a 6th grade girlFirst (and only!) female Prime Minister of Britain

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