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Clue4 letter word
*Hitchin' a _____*
Ocean movements caused by the moon's pull
4 of these on a car
*All The ______*
This often covers a bathroom floor
British term for cash register
*Tight Wad _______*
Opposite of heaven
To get better from an injury
*Prosthetic ______*
What you do with a book
Clue4 letter word
*_____ to Acceptance*
To put things onto a truck
To have others follow you
*Ha Ha You're _______*
A good thing you can do
A small wooden piece that goes in a clarinet
When you smell bad, you...
*_____ Stink Breath*
A quick glance at something
A small kiss on the cheek
A mark you might get from a rash
Clue4 letter word
*Worry ______*
Singer Astley
What you do to a lollipop
Bugs you may find in a child's hair
*_____ Guys Finish Last*
Well known athletic brand
Two-wheeled vehicle
What you do with an oven
*______ Me Up When September Ends*
A tool for moving leaves
A positive movie or television review
Clue4 letter word
*______ Me Novacaine*
Opposite of die
*Dominated ______ Slave*
The ____ Ranger
Opposite of short
Original Atari game
Measures round trip time on an internet connection
*______ For a Day*

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