SNL Characters and Impressions

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Can you name the SNL Cast Members by their characters?

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Blizzard ManRap song! Rap Song! Ooh we are so good at rapping!
Matt FoleyLiving in a van down by the river!
Todd DiLaMucaThank you Mrs. Loopner
The Church LadyWell isn't that special!
Sean ConneryYou'll rue the day you crossed me, Trebek!
NadeenSimmer down now!
Gerald FordIt was my understanding that there would be no math during the debates.
Burt ReynoldsYeah, Turd Ferguson, it's a funny name.
Debbie DownerIt's official, I can't have children.
Alex TrebekWelcome back to Celebrity Jeopardy.
Deandre ColeOoooh weeee! What up with that?
StefonNew York's hottest club is Slice.
Mr. RobinsonWho is it?!
Nick BurnsIts the computer that's stupid, not you, right?
Airline StewardBuh-bye
Lisa LoopnerTodd! Stop!
Beldar ConeheadAstronauts on the moon? Hahah!
Sarah PalinI can see Russia from my house.
Judy GrimesJust Kidding
AmberYeah, I farted, JEALOUS!
Richard LaymerMakin' copies
Flip-FlopYou got served.
Jeff MontgomeryWHAT?!
Chico EscuelaBaseball be berry berry good to me.
SnookiYou can just call me Garfield because I'm bright orange and I love lasagna!
Donatella VersaceGET OUT!!!
Billy SmithWhat else?
SimonAnd you know my name is Simon and i like to do drawings.
FrankensteinFire Bad!
Leon PhelpsI've got some Courvoisier cognac, and my scented candles, and I'm ready to take your calls.
MangoYou can't have a de-mango!
Stuart SmalleyI'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!
Opera ManOpera Man, no comprendo!
Mary Katherine GallagherSometimes when I get nervous, I stick my hands under my armpits and smell them like this.
Doug WhinerWe're Doug and Wendy Whiiiiiinner.
Celine DionIf I wasn't such a nice person, I'd think I was a showoff.

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