SNL Characters and Impressions 2

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Character or ImpressionCast MemberQuote
DJ Dynasty HandbagBokay?
Cindy Crawford (Gap Girl)LAY OFF ME I'M STARVING!
Shy RonnieMy names Shy Ronnie!
Cajun ManLiposuction
FranzWe're going to pump (clap) you up!
Ed GrimleyI must say!
Candy SweeneyAnd like a bridge over troubled water!!!
Yortuk FestrunkWe are two wild and crazy guys!
Bobbi-Mohan CulpWe head up the music department at Alta Dena Middle School.
Abe ScheinwaldWe'll have Irene draw up the papers!
Land SharkI'm just a dolphin, ma'am
Himself, Weekend Update AnchorIt's official murder is legal in the state of California.
Joey MackMan in the box, get back in your box!
Mr. PeepersBah!
Angelina JolieDid someone say babies?
Jake BluesI'm a soul man!
Master ThespianActing!
Drunk GirlShut up!
Fernando LamasYou look mahvelous, darling!
DooneeseAnd I'm Dooneese!
WoodrowTake a doo-doo pie.
Character or ImpressionCast MemberQuote
Rita DelVecchioI keep it now!
Linda RichmanI'm getting a little verklempt.
Emily Litella Nevermind.
DJ Jonathan FeinsteinNot cool, Jarret.
Pat StevensIt was hardly my fopa
Garth AlgarWe're not worthy!
Whitney HoustonBobby Brown? Bobby B?
BedeliaHey, Mom, where'd those pores go?
Al GoreLockbox.
GobiThat girls name was Butt!
Anal Retentive ChefOh no this bag is torn.
Vincent PriceLiberace!
Sally O'MalleyI like to kick, stretch, and kick!
Vinny's SonYou're to young to be drinking!
FerecitoI'm just kidding!!
George W. BushStrategery.
Frank SinatraYou're as blind as a bat and I have sight!
Betty CarusoThe whole world's gonna blow up, I swear.
Mr. DillonGilly?!
Dick Clark's receptionistDo you have an appointment?

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