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A therapy developed by Aaron Beck that helps people identify and change the maladaptive assumptions and ways of thinking that help cause their psychological disorders.
A treatment for unipolar depression that is based on the belief that clarifying and changing one's interpersonal problems will help lead to recovery.
A therapy format in which the therapist works with two people who share a long-term relationship.
A treatment for depression in which electrodes attached to a patient's head send an electrical current through the brain, causing a convusion.
An antidepressant drug that prevents the action of the enzyme monoamine oxidase.
An antidepressant drug such as imipramine that has three rings in its molecular structure.
A group of second-generation antidepressant drugs that increase serotonin activity specifically, without affecting other neurotransmitters
A treatment for depression in which an implanted pulse generator sends regular electrical signals to a person's vagus nerve; the nerve, in turn, stimulates the brain.
A treatment procedure for depression in which an electromagnetic coil, which is plaved on or above a person's head, sends a current into the individual's brain
A treatment procedure for depression in which a pacemaker powers electrodes that have been implanted in Brodmann Area 25, thus stimulating that brain area.
A metallic element that occurs in nature as a mineral salt and is an effective treatment for bipolar disorders.
Psychotropic drugs that help stabilize the moods of people suffering from bipolar mood disorder.
Chemical changes within a neuron just after the neuron receives a neurotransmitter message and just before it responds.

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