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What disorder causes extreme sadness?
Which disorder is most commenly compared with giggling for no reason?
What is the first stage of deveoplment acorrding to Erikson?
What stage does the The Oedipus complex occur?
If someone is jittery and nervous, what do the have?
What is it called when you are dependent on something?
What is it called when someone has highs and lows?
What is it called when someone tries to kill themselves?
When a person shows signs of more than one diagonies of shizophrenia, what do they have?
What type of therapy is it when you sit down and talk with a group of poeple?
What type of therapy are drugs prescribed?
When someone sees a problem and assumes that someone else will fix it, is called?
'Am I good or am I bad?'
Can I do things myself or must I always rely on others?'
'Am I successful or worthless?'

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